Credit Card Payment Processing

Asiabill has developed to be compatible with all major payment cards, including but not limited to Visa, MasterCard and JCB.

Alternative Payments

Asiabill also partners with a broad range of alternative payment providers, allowing you to pass that variety straight on to your customers. A particular alternative payment method is very prevalent.


Activate valuable mobile sales channels for your e-Commerce business. By integrating our mobile-friendly payment forms on your website, your customers will experience a seamless payment process on any device.

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Tokenization shields users from hackers, security breaches, and other threats by replacing sensitive data like card numbers with a token. This allows you to re-use the data a customer entered for a previous transaction or registration.

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Asiabill is the leading payment service provider offering tailored solutions to merchants worldwide. Asiabill provides merchants with the tools and resources needed to safely accept online payments through various payment methods.

Multi-Currency Payment Solutions

The eCommerce landscape is truly international, and capitalizing on this is at the heart of Asiabill's ethos. We have worked hard to build truly global networks of acquirers and technology partners, as well as offering services that help you make the most of the global online payments opportunity. Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) converts the cost of a transaction into a credit or debit cardholder’s local currency. Settlement still takes place in your base currency, but foreign exchange rates are fixed at the point.

Alternative Payments

Credit and debit card processing sits at the core of Asiabill’s service package. However, we understand that it is important to offer your customers choice, to appreciate the alternative payment methods that are particularly significant in certain countries or industries, and process them with ease and efficiency.

Recurring Payments

Recurring payments are also known as repeat payments, subscriptions and continuous transactions. They are used when your customers wish to make credit or debit card payments at regular intervals, and are applicable to various situations, from monthly subscriptions or membership fees to payday loans or purchase by installment. Recurring payments work like standing orders or direct debits, but funds are taken directly from the card rather than the bank account.

Virtual Terminal Card Processing

It is the perfect alternative to a traditional terminal if you receive mail / telephone orders, and in particular is an ideal payment processing solution for call centers where this method of ordering is popular. Our virtual terminal is automatically incorporated into the Asiabill payment gateway but you can also implement it as a standalone service.

Meet our Greatest Partners

Asiabill acquires cards belonging to the world’s leading card schemes.